EU/Ireland|BoS DeerIsle Hardcore Survival 1PP|PvP


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Our server uses the following:

  • A true Deerisle survival feel… Less food, more hunting, crafting and fishing options.
  • Vanilla style DayZ server with quality of life addons.
  • Clans and Territories: Join forces with other players and take on opposing groups. Defend your territory or raid others!
  • No Traders: What you find is what you have, spare your resources to stay alive…
  • Base-Building Plus: Fortify a farm, holed up in a small house, or build a fortress! Our base-building system is intuitive and easy to use, with walkthroughs and rules to help newer players.
  • Map Vehicles: Drive trucks, rafts and cars across the map looking for treasure and trouble.
  • Raiding: Infiltrate enemy bases using craftable C4 and take their loot as your own!
  • Custom Missions: Our server features several custom missions for new and veteran players to engage with such as Airdrops and custom loot spawns in custom hidden areas.
  • Custom World Balance: Our server features entirely customised balance settings for loot, animals, zombies and player spawns. We try to provide a world economy and experience that suits everyone.
  • Optimised Servers: Our servers are regularly updated to improve performance via equipment upgrades and custom settings tweaks.
  • Active Admins: Our server admins are always on hand to help resolve player issues, investigate reports and chat with the community. Come join us on our Discord by using the link further below!


Please consider promoting our server to your friends and on social media, thank you!


Check out our Youtube for promotional content, devlogs and event videos! We will make new videos and content as the server grows so join us and be part of the fun!


BoS operates on a volunteer basis and depends on donations to cover operating costs and upgrade server equipment. Donating ensures our servers will stay alive long into the future.


Our admins and the community are always active, chatting about the game, providing feedback and organising events. Click the link and be part of the conversation!

Useful Links:

Rafts Walkthrough
Car repair Walkthrough
BaseBuilding2.0 Walkthrough
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